About Us

Family is and always has been at the center of Circle C Country Supply. Shortly after the birth of his first son, Chris Corsair had the idea for a family-owned farm and country store that he hoped to one day pass down to his children. He left his corporate job in the Kansas City area and worked tirelessly on the idea. Circle C Country Supply opened its doors on March 22, 2007, in Louisburg, Kansas. Having grown up in rural Western Kansas, Chris had been around farming and ranching most of his life and wanted to introduce his own children to the same lifestyle. Circle C sold boots, clothing, feed, pet and livestock supplies, and tack. The store was well-received by the community.

A few years later, Chris’s middle brother, Brett, who was formerly employed in the oilfield industry, became interested in opening a store in their hometown of Bazine, Kansas. Eager to get closer to the family’s farming operations, Chris moved his family to Hays, Kansas, and the brothers opened a second store. They continued growing their business and spun off a wholesale operation, Circle C Distributors in 2010. Their youngest brother, Shane, worked at the store on weekends and during the summer while a student at Kansas State University, and joined them as a full partner in 2015.

The brothers continued to grow Circle C through a retail website that they began building in 2015. In addition, they continually grow their farming operations – wheat and milo, and their cattle herd. They all enjoy involving their families in all their endeavors.

As Circle C grew, so did the family behind it. Chris and Nicole were married in 2003 and now have four children, Henry, Augustus, Morgan and Madelynne. Brett and Sara were married in 2006 and have three kids, Emmitt, Owen and Scarlett. And Shane and Allison were married in June 2016, and they have a daughter, RaeLee. Hank and Gus love joining their dad at work whenever they have a day off school to help package orders and Emmitt’s favorite thing is checking cows with his dad. All the kids enjoy riding along in the tractors whenever they get the chance. The business has allowed the Corsair brothers to incorporate their families into their everyday responsibilities and teach them the value of hard work and perseverance.

Chris, Brett, and Shane look forward to serving you and your family’s needs. They use the products they sell daily and are happy to help their customers find solutions to make their own homes and businesses run smoothly.

If you call Circle C, you’ll speak directly with someone that has an interest in doing right by our customers. In many cases we can help because the products we sell are the products we use. Whether its greasing farm equipment with a Milwaukee grease gun, giving cattle various vaccines or setting up electric fence, there is a good chance that someone at Circle C has used the product you are interested. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

The center of our business is family. Ours is committed to helping yours achieve your best results yet.

Corsair Family – Back Row from left to right – Nicole, Chris, Scott, Brett (holding Owen), Sara, Allison and Shane; Front Row from left to right – Maddy, Morgan, Emmitt, Denise (holding Scarlett), Hank and Gus

Brett Corsair using a Milwaukee 2767-22 Impact Wrench to remove lug nuts on a tractor tire.

Unrolling bales for the cows after a winter storm.

Chris and Maddy Corsair getting ready to cut milo in the fall.

Nicole Gantz helping a customer with an order over the phone.

Ryan Foos packaging a customer order.

Shane Corsair putting a new shipment away in the warehouse.

Shane Corsair giving vaccinations to calves at weaning time.